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Oregon Adoptee Rights moving forward…

Let me begin by saying how grateful I am to Helen Hill and all our other friends and allies for successfully defending our rights by derailing HB 2843. Early intervention was key to insuring the rights of Oregon adoptees to unconditional access to their unaltered record of birth. Over ten thousand Oregon adoptees have exercised that right by requesting and receiving copies of their original birth certificates since the enactment of Measure 58.

But, as we have seen, the statutes created by Measure 58 will always be vulnerable without our vigilance. Therefore, in consultation with Helen Hill and others, I have decided to change the mission of Oregon Adoptee Rights, which was formed with the sole purpose of addressing HB 2843, to reflect the need to monitor legislative and other activities that may threaten adoptee rights in Oregon. I will be meeting with our legislators, both in their home districts and in Salem, providing education and input regarding our issues, and keeping all of you abreast of news as it occurs.

As in all grassroots advocacy efforts, the key to our success will be our ability to demonstrate that we are paying attention. So I will end with an invitation to join Oregon Adoptee Rights by clicking here and filling out the short form. And please let other Oregon adoptees know that we exist and what we are about.

Thank you,

Ron Morgan, Chair, Oregon Adoptee Rights

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Message from Helen Hill: HB 2843 is DEAD! Thank You!

I just got a call from the LA McGlone who told me they are NOT pursuing this bill. They did their research and are DROPPING THIS BILL! They are circling around to the Judiciary Committee to give them the heads up. The JC will NOT proceed without prompting from Hunt’s office. McGLone said he was VERY GRATEFUL they didn’t get slammed with emails, he sensed we were telling folks to hold off. He said thank you thank you thank you. They just wanted a little breathing room to see what this bill really meant, ramifications, etc. the info I brought in did that. They don’t want to touch a hair on the head of this excellent piece of legislation!!!
THANKS EVERYONE FOR YOUR VIGILANCE AND FERVOR! Thanks especially to Ron Morgan who broke the story!!!
Back to your wonderful lives!
Helen Hill

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Are you an Oregon adoptee? HB 2843, introduced by Representative Dave Hunt (D-Clackamas) would violate your right to access your own record of birth and repeal Measure 58. Call Rep. Hunt TODAY to protect your RIGHTS!
Call Representative Hunt TODAY, at 503-986-1900, or email him at  and firmly but courteously state your opposition to HB 2843. Tell him:

  • Your right to access your own birth certificate was affirmed by over 600,000 Oregon voters in 1998.
  • In the eleven years since Measure 58 was enacted, 10,000 Oregon adult adoptees have been given copies of their original birth certificates without incident or problems.
  • Oregon adoptees and their supporters are firm in their support of the current statutes and will not accept a return to the era of secrecy and lies in adoption!

Please join Oregon Adoptee Rights by filling out the contact form here, so we may keep you updated on this bill.


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NO on HB 2843!

HB 2843 is a bill, originating in the Oregon House of Representatives, introduced by Representative Dave Hunt (D, HD40), that would amend the law so the adult adoptees could only access their original birth certificates if a birthmother gave written consent. HB 2843 would, in essence, repeal Measure 58, the landmark ballot measure from 1998, which affirmed the right of Oregon’s adult adoptees to unconditionally access their unaltered record of birth.

To see the bill language, click here.

This blog will act as the online presence of the ad hoc group Oregon Adoptee Rights, which will work to defeat HB 2843 or any other attempt to repeal Measure 58.

Ron Morgan, adult adoptee

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