NO on HB 2843!

HB 2843 is a bill, originating in the Oregon House of Representatives, introduced by Representative Dave Hunt (D, HD40), that would amend the law so the adult adoptees could only access their original birth certificates if a birthmother gave written consent. HB 2843 would, in essence, repeal Measure 58, the landmark ballot measure from 1998, which affirmed the right of Oregon’s adult adoptees to unconditionally access their unaltered record of birth.

To see the bill language, click here.

This blog will act as the online presence of the ad hoc group Oregon Adoptee Rights, which will work to defeat HB 2843 or any other attempt to repeal Measure 58.

Ron Morgan, adult adoptee


About oregonadopteerights

Ron is an adult adoptee, currently living in Beaverton. His introduction to Oregon politics was the Measure 58 campaign.
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7 Responses to NO on HB 2843!

  1. Helen Hill says:

    I am headed to Salem tomorrow to stop this bill. There won’t be any problems, trust me. The will of the people will prevail. I am not expecting any problems. I will be in Hunt’s office at 8 am.

    I spoke with M58’s lawyer and my good friend Thomas McDermott, who is as baffled as I am and offered to help if we need it. I don’t think we will, I think this will be an easy kill.

    The bill as written is just plain crazy. It will cost the State of Oregon quite a bit to implement, and there have been no public outcries about the bill for 10 years. If it aint broke, don’t fix it.

    I’ll be visiting every member of the Judiciary Committee where this thing is headed with plenty of written material about the national land mark status of Measure 58.

    Thanks SO MUCH for the heads up! This was totally off my radar screen!
    I’ll let you know how the day went tomorrow evening.

  2. Helen Hill says:

    Here’s a site run by the Bureau of Vital Stats documenting the effect of M58 from enactment to 2009, including history of requests by month, contact form facts etc.

    It’s clear this is really a non-issue at this point. Average of 33 adoptees requesting OBC’s per month at this time, no problems, all’s quiet and peaceable in civil-rights-for-all land.

  3. Helen Hill says:

    You can leave your comments about this bill at this government website:

  4. Thanks Ron and Helen. We will fight this all the way. Hopefully no mattress war is in the offing.

  5. Anita Walker Field says:

    HB 2843 is an unimaginable affront to the citizens of Oregon who on Nov. 3, 1998, voted overwhelmingly to allow all Oregon born adoptees aged 21 year or over to be issued their original birth certificates in a manner identical to all other citizens.

    This bill spits in the face of the many rulings of the Oregon and Federal Judiciary. The two court systems were in agreement that Measure 58 was constitutional and must be upheld.

    The bill needs to be stopped in its tracks immediately.

  6. ljeske says:

    Efforts throughout this nation to legally and permanently prohibit adult citizens from accessing their original unaltered birth certificate is direct threat to our civil and human rights as individuals and as a nation.

    When a state law, such as the one passed with Measure 58, has been a model example of just how beneficial open records are to the citizen’s as a whole…we have to wonder why a politician and/or special interest groups would sponsor such a bill. Moreover, we have to wonder what else the government wants to take.

    The breadth of this struggle for the civil and human rights has reached an epidemic stage when an elected official attempts to revert these rights.

    We now have an alarming number of states attempting to do the same. The citizens of this nation (adopted or not) had better take a good look at what these proposed laws can do. Not just to their right to access a birth certificate, but what else elected officials and special interest groups will take.

    We need everyone on board…now!

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