Are you an Oregon adoptee? HB 2843, introduced by Representative Dave Hunt (D-Clackamas) would violate your right to access your own record of birth and repeal Measure 58. Call Rep. Hunt TODAY to protect your RIGHTS!
Call Representative Hunt TODAY, at 503-986-1900, or email him at  and firmly but courteously state your opposition to HB 2843. Tell him:

  • Your right to access your own birth certificate was affirmed by over 600,000 Oregon voters in 1998.
  • In the eleven years since Measure 58 was enacted, 10,000 Oregon adult adoptees have been given copies of their original birth certificates without incident or problems.
  • Oregon adoptees and their supporters are firm in their support of the current statutes and will not accept a return to the era of secrecy and lies in adoption!

Please join Oregon Adoptee Rights by filling out the contact form here, so we may keep you updated on this bill.



About oregonadopteerights

Ron is an adult adoptee, currently living in Beaverton. His introduction to Oregon politics was the Measure 58 campaign.
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