Message from Helen Hill: HB 2843 is DEAD! Thank You!

I just got a call from the LA McGlone who told me they are NOT pursuing this bill. They did their research and are DROPPING THIS BILL! They are circling around to the Judiciary Committee to give them the heads up. The JC will NOT proceed without prompting from Hunt’s office. McGLone said he was VERY GRATEFUL they didn’t get slammed with emails, he sensed we were telling folks to hold off. He said thank you thank you thank you. They just wanted a little breathing room to see what this bill really meant, ramifications, etc. the info I brought in did that. They don’t want to touch a hair on the head of this excellent piece of legislation!!!
THANKS EVERYONE FOR YOUR VIGILANCE AND FERVOR! Thanks especially to Ron Morgan who broke the story!!!
Back to your wonderful lives!
Helen Hill


About oregonadopteerights

Ron is an adult adoptee, currently living in Beaverton. His introduction to Oregon politics was the Measure 58 campaign.
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1 Response to Message from Helen Hill: HB 2843 is DEAD! Thank You!

  1. Damsel Plum says:

    Thanks so much, Helen.
    Love and hugs to you.

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