Oregon Adoptee Rights moving forward…

Let me begin by saying how grateful I am to Helen Hill and all our other friends and allies for successfully defending our rights by derailing HB 2843. Early intervention was key to insuring the rights of Oregon adoptees to unconditional access to their unaltered record of birth. Over ten thousand Oregon adoptees have exercised that right by requesting and receiving copies of their original birth certificates since the enactment of Measure 58.

But, as we have seen, the statutes created by Measure 58 will always be vulnerable without our vigilance. Therefore, in consultation with Helen Hill and others, I have decided to change the mission of Oregon Adoptee Rights, which was formed with the sole purpose of addressing HB 2843, to reflect the need to monitor legislative and other activities that may threaten adoptee rights in Oregon. I will be meeting with our legislators, both in their home districts and in Salem, providing education and input regarding our issues, and keeping all of you abreast of news as it occurs.

As in all grassroots advocacy efforts, the key to our success will be our ability to demonstrate that we are paying attention. So I will end with an invitation to join Oregon Adoptee Rights by clicking here and filling out the short form. And please let other Oregon adoptees know that we exist and what we are about.

Thank you,

Ron Morgan, Chair, Oregon Adoptee Rights


About oregonadopteerights

Ron is an adult adoptee, currently living in Beaverton. His introduction to Oregon politics was the Measure 58 campaign.
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